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We know from the testimonies both from victims and perpetrators that

silence makes abuse possible.



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Erin's Law


Erin Merryn, a young Chicago woman, says she learned all about fire drills, tornado drills, bus drills, stranger danger, and eight ways to say no to drugs.  But there

was never a drill on escaping a child molester; there was never a lesson on sexual

abuse, how to tell or how to get away.  Erin was raped before she was seven years

old by a next door neighbor and for years by an older cousin.


Current statistics reveal a disturbingly high incident of child molestation; one in

every four girls and one in every six boys.  Ninety percent of child molesters target their own children or children they know well and eighty-eight percent of children

who are molested by someone they know don't tell.  This explains why the statistics haven't changed since the early 1950's when I was a child.


I believe Erin's Law can make a difference.  Erin's Law requires that children be educated in school about sexual abuse from PreK - 5th grade in a child friendly manner with age appropriate materials.


I believe Erin's Law will lower the numbers for child sexual abuse because eighty

percent of children who are molested, their molestation starts at the age of eight or older.  If a child is trained from PreK - 5th grade, by the time that child reaches the

age of eight he/she will know what to do when approached by a sexual predator.


By training a child about sexual abuse, we are protecting them the same way we

protect our homes when we put a sign out front that says, "This property is protected

by ABC Alarm Company."  The burglar leaves and looks for an unprotected house. 

We will lower the numbers for children molested when a child molester has to look

for an unprotected child.  Eventually, all our children will be protected when Erin's

Law is signed by the President.    


Illinois Governor Pat Quinn signed Erin's Law on February 14, 2011.  Missouri Governor Jay Nixon signed Erin's Law in June of 2011.  I'm working to have Erin's

Law signed by Governor Mark Dayton in Minnesota. 


Please go to the link below to learn about Erin's Law and sign the petition.


Also contact your legislators at the federal level and urge them to pass Erin's Law. 


This is by far the best work I've seen to help our children not have their lives stolen from



You can check out Erin Merryn's website at